How can we help you?

CIVAL Consulting provides independent, impartial consultancy services in a variety of fields:

Project Management and Lifecycle Support

The company has a proven track record in all aspects of project lifecycle in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT): requirements analysis and specification, procurement, tender evaluation, design assessment, project management, code and document reviews, testing, problem determination, acceptance, training and standardisation. Capabilities include the use of PC tools such as Microsoft Project, and methodologies such as the UK government PRINCE Project Management Method.

Bid, Proposal and Procurement Support

We can help with bid preparation on the one hand and bid evaluation on the other. We design a customised set of weighted evaluation criteria rather than attempting to bend the requirements to fit a preconceived methodology.

Requirements Capture

User requirements are analysed and specified clearly and methodically. Where required, the stakeholder community is consulted by means of questionnaire and/or structured intervews.

Messaging and Directory

We are world experts on messaging standards and their application. Our consultants have participated in the development of X.400 standards and products since its inception. They are also experienced in military messaging, X.500 Directory systems, and public key infrastructure.

Interoperability and Conformity Assessment

We offer considerable practical expertise in these areas.

Standards Development and Application

We offer wide experience of standards development and validation, having served on a variety of national and international standards committees, including BSI, ISO, CEN, ITU-T, ICAO, AEEC, etc.

Communications strategy and network planning

We have experience of working with clients to satisfy their requirements for an overall strategic and harmonised approach to their information technology and communications, often while reconciling the sometimes conflicting views of involved stakeholders.

Security strategy and implementation support

We have performed definitive risk assessment studies, leading to the deign of effective countermeasures based on physical procedures and IT security using cryptographic techniques such as digital signatures and message authentication codes. We can provide assistance with public key infrastructure (PKI) strategy, design and deployments.